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Do I really need different email addresses for different mobile numberss?

When I log into my Virgin Mobile account - or at least, what I think of as an account, supplying my username and password - I currently have two mobile "accounts" showing: one for my pay-monthly phone, and one for a pay-as-you-go SIM that I was sent automatically when I updated my phone. I have NEVER used this pay-as-you-go SIM.

My husband also has a Virgin Mobile account, which is currently showing a number that we have not had access to for YEARS. (We worked out at least 5 years.) 

Several issues:

1) I manage the IT in our house. I topped up his current mobile, but totally forgot that the one showing on his account is NOT his current number. We're waiting 48 hours for the £15 to transfer from one number to the other!

2) We wanted to change the password associated with his mobile account - but if I try, I'm taken to the Virgin Media part of the site, and there I'm told that this isn't the main email account. I understand that, but I don't want to change the password for the Virgin Media account... it's a different password now to the one for the Mobile account.

3) I've taken ownership of his phone so I can better manage it - we want to be able to see what's happening online, because sometimes we can't work out where the money has gone. However, I can't add it to my "account" at all. Even though I've spoken to customer representatives twice and have been assured it's been transferred, the online system says it belongs to someone else.

4) When I explained all the above to the woman today, I got really confused. Apparently, I need to create yet another Mobile account with a different email address... and - this is the bit I'm struggling with - it can't be an account on Virgin Media! So I'm supposed to find another ISP? By definition, all the email addresses we use are used to log in to Virgin Media!

Can someone please help? I feel I'm going round in circles...

In short, I want to:

1) Close my husband's online account completely. I've been told today that the phone will disappear after a period of non-use, but it's been years already...

2) Remove the unused pay-as-you-go number from my account.

3) Add my husband's number to my account.

Thanks in advance for any help.



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Re: Do I really need different email addresses for different mobile numberss?

Hi Alison,


Thanks for taking the time to post. Sorry about the troubles with trying to access all numbers under one email address.


Are you able to try adding the number again for me?



Forum Team

Can make calls, but no data? Check your "Virgin Mobile APN settings"

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