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Amazon gift voucher

Joining in


In June 2022 I bought a virgin media sim card for £6 per month and it was meant to come with an amazon gift voucher after 120 days. It has now been that length of time and I have not received an email about the gift voucher.

Please can someone assist me in claiming this voucher?


Many thanks




Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @GeoffGilfillan thanks for your post, although I'm sorry to hear of your concerns raised regarding the Amazon Gift Voucher.

Can you please advise where you purchased services with us, was this directly over the phone or was it via a third party comparison site as generally they offer these kinds of promotions?

Many thanks


Hello. This was purchased through moneysavingexpert - so a third party comparison site.


Are you able to help me with this?





Hi @GeoffGilfillan thanks a lot for your reply.

Okay, so if it's been purchased via a third party comparison site and MSE in this case, it is that site that should send you the voucher directly - generally this is around 90-120 days after installation but it does differ depending on who you signed up with.

I'd advise trying to locate the sign-up or marketing email you may have hade from MSE to see if you can find further details on this. If not, please contact them directly and I'm sure they'll be able to advise you accordingly.

I hope this helps!
Many thanks