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Why are Virgin consistently unable to provide very basic services?

Useless company have broken several agreements and contracts, set me up on a contract I never agreed to and now back tracking on their contract. Has anyone else been made mentally poorly by such a consistently inept company constantly reneging previous agreements and causing tens of hours of stress and frustration both on and off the phone? 

I have NEVER been with a company who is so consistently poor! Breaking contracts, breaking promises, going back on their word, 'missing' notes from my record, not providing me with answers, hanging up me after hours of waiting, putting me through to the wrong departments, starting me on a new contract I didn't agree to, lying about contracts, compensation, call backs, the list goes on and on.

I can't be the only one who finds this company incomprehensibly inept and in sheer contempt of their customers, a company that repeatedly lies to customers, and genuinely NEVER delivers on what they say they will do. The company is fundamentally floored and rotten. If you are wondering about joining Virgin DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. They will make your life a hell. Only interested in getting your custom, after that you are nothing but a cash cow.


Truly a disgusting company - If it was a small business it would be forcibly closed

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