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New contract offer via app - confusing pricing / query

Joining in

Hiya, hoping someone can help. Today I went on the virgin media app as my 18 month deal ends next month and planning to call and cancel before the inevitable price hike!!

Whilst I was on the app I went through the ‘my offers’ section in ‘make changes to my contract’ and saw that I have - what appears to be - a v good deal available. Basically, it offers the same retention deal I negotiated last time including bespoke TV package, Broadband and Phone at a lower price than I was previously paying!!

I clicked through the links on the app and immediately received a pre contract email with the contract details. All good so far! The contract stated that I would pay £35* and then £179 after month 19!!! But this is where things get confusing. On the deals pages it states that it is £35 for 18 months. All good! However on the pre contract this isn’t made clear and it also says that I have a promotional discount (which I do on my current retention deal) which may change…and I’m unsure whether VM are genuinely offering £35 a month, every month for the duration (apart from the April rises) OR if it is £35 BEFORE all my promotions expire next month…in which case they can charge a completely different price from that point (month 2 of an 18 month deal!).

1) Has anyone had any experience of this? And if so, is it actually a genuine deal/offer? 

 I did call VM to discuss (via text chat as I struggle with calls) where I asked VM to talk me through the offer just to verify the pricing and details of the contract. However, I was simply told that as I hadn’t accepted the contract it ‘hadn’t been generated on my account’ and so they couldn’t answer what the monthly price would be / had no knowledge of any offer or whether this was a ‘new’ promotional deal or one which included my old figures.I gave them the contract ID reference number and sent them a copy of what I was offered via text chat but Customer services just said they had no knowledge of the offer made & then tried to suggest a completely different deal which in no way matched what I’d been offered.

Is this sharp practice by VM? Surely VM know what they have offered you on their own app (they have the pre contract ID number and details) and surely they also know what the monthly price is over 18 months!! How else can they fairly sell something!? Or customers make an informed decision about signing. 

I’m now left feeling a bit unsure how to proceed. Do I click through and hope that VM honour what they’ve advertised (18 months at £35*….yes the * concerns me!?  Has anyone else had experience of contracts via the app like this and are they genuinely good offers? Can someone from VM give me a breakdown of the actual costs involved in the contract offer generated on my account?

I don’t really want to leave VM but I won’t be paying the huge price hike as my contract ends and simply want transparency about what I have (or haven’t!) been offered so I can make a good decision. Any advice or help would be much appreciated. Thanks


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello cagney84


We're sorry to hear of the package issues regarding the offer via the MyVM app, we appreciate the confusion and the concern caused and you raising this via the forums.


We can see you have spoken to the team in regards to this, we aren't able to make changes to packages via the forums. Our complaints code of practice can be found here outlining how you can raise your concerns with us for further investigation. Once received it will be fully investigated and we'll endeavor to get back in touch within the 28 day time frame agreed with our regulators.


Once raised, if you have a complaint reference you can track it's progress here.