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I read that Netflix is now included in the top level TV packages. I have just checked (Oomph customer) and it says its active on my account, but how do I access it ? I tried logging into it using my VM username and password and it says it cannot find my email address ? Thanks 

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On our wavelength

WOW, just got an email back from my complaint reference saying

"Thanks so much for the chat on 29/05/2022. We’re very happy to be able to resolve things for you.And here’s what we agreed:Technical > Technical help provided.We’ve now closed your complaint. Thanks again for bearing with us.".



On our wavelength

That's shocking , they really don't care do they!

Hi TonyG66, 

Sorry to hear you're experiencing the Netflix issue. If it's been raised with IT, you'll get a call from the team when resolved. This is a wider issue unfortunately but we are working hard to resolve it asap. Best,

Forum Team

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So there is an open IT ticket and the VM forum team acknowledge that the matter is unresolved. Given this, on what logical basis is the complaint closed?

Hi everyone,

I'm really sorry in regards to the issues you're having with Netflix. It's just as frustrating for us as it is for you. To clear some things up and be more open and honest, we have been advised to raise tickets for this issue and were told that this issue would be resolved over the coming days. Unfortunately, this hasn't been the case for many of our customers, but we're providing as much of an update as we can. 

Our IT Team is working closely with Netflix to get this issue resolved as soon as possible - as of right now, we haven't been provided with an ETA for when this will be fixed.

@TonyG66 In regards to your complaint, I'm going to need to pop you a PM to get some more information. Please look out in the top-right of the forums in the purple envelope 🙂


Reece - Forum Team

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On our wavelength

Hi Reece_MH no PM received.

Whoa, a bit further on but still??

OK, jeez rabbit hole after the other, I ended up installing an Android emulator to give a newer view of the app. ripping a nice set of VMs to bits in the process. There was inside the well of dispair that is the myVMapp, a netflix "tab" with the words "Manage Netflix" inscribed on the sarcofugus...!



I tried it, it took me to a webpage.!!! Yahee I thought....
But, it has a link on the webpage to another "manage net sh*x " link that coincidentally has the same target url as the page it is on!!! I bet someone in tech is pissing themselves over this one!!



That's 2 Apples and an Android same stuff... 

Unfortunately that "Manage Netflix" link will take you to (or it certainly does for me) a page offering three Netflix plans - all of which will cost extra and add to your VM bill.   There is no mention or link to free Netflix Standard for Ultimate Volt customers (on my VM account anyway).

Neflix Activate.jpgNetflix 2.jpgNetflix 3.jpg   

You know this E-Mail I've been supposedly sent with instructions as to how to activate and or setup netflix, could that be pasted here (or send me it in a PM)... Maybe I have netflix activated, maybe I need to do something on the TV, maybe I need to be facing towards Saturn while winking at Urananus while holding down the volume-down button.? 
Down down, deeper and down (the rabbit burrow)
Cool, who knows