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How could I continue my previous contract when I move home? I've been put into a new contract.

Tuning in


I moved in a new property in last September and I've understood that my contract from previous address has been continued as there was no change in services. However, I've just realised that I've been put into a new contract since I moved in the new property. According to the Terms and Conditions, my previous contract should have been continued rather than making a new contract as I've been using the same services that I received at my previous address. Could I correct current new contract to holding and continuing my previous contract?

Please find the following Terms and Conditions below:
Section O, Paragraph 5
Where we have agreed with you to continue providing the same services that you received at your current address to your new address and this is during any minimum period, then that minimum period will continue at your new address (e.g. where your services are on a 12 month minimum period, if you move during month 7 of your minimum period, the remaining 5 months of your minimum period will apply for those same services being provided at your new address). Where we have agreed with you to change the services you receive at your new address then a new minimum period may apply for those services and the service start date for that new minimum period will be the date that the equipment is installed at your new address.


Alessandro Volta

Yes, this is a common scam, they 'accidentally' put you on a new contract. You are correct that if the service is the same at the new address the original contract continues. 

If you are within 14 days, the quickest way of resolving this is to cancel the contract and tell them why. They will put it right. Otherwise you'll need to go the complaint route. Which which will be slow and painful. 

- jpeg1
My name is NOT Alessandro. That's just a tag Virginmedia sticks on some contributors. Please ignore it.

On our wavelength

Technically, all VM contacts are to provide a service to a particular address rather than to an individual. So yes, if you move then it will terminate the contact in favour of a new 18 month one at your new address, 

However, assuming that you make no changes to the supplied services, then this ‘new contact’ is supposed to be adjusted os as to mirror the terms of your old one, especially regarding how long the minimum term last for.

Fine, now you might think that this should be a fairly trivial thing to set up, except VM seem to have gone overboard in making it a convoluted process involving ‘manager intervention’, a more cynical person that I, might think that this is a deliberate ploy to trap unsuspecting customers into a longer contact, in the hope that they don’t notice, or more importantly, legally kick off - hint, if you do find yourself in this situation, absolutely do kick off, you absolutely will win!

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi lwk1802,

Thanks for posting this on our Community Forums, I hope the house move has gone okay apart from this aspect! 

There's no need to kick off 😉 We're here to help in these instances. It is true that if you do not change anything within your contract when initiating the move, your contract should stay the same, including your contract term and package.

If there are any issues, we can check everything and amend any errors that may have happened during the house move.

We'll go into a Private Message now so we can chat about this more in depth, but thank you @jpeg1 & @Number-6 for offering your advice!

Speak to you soon 🤗


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi lwk1802,

Thanks for chatting with me in our PM's, you've been a pleasure to talk to and I am really glad we managed to get it sorted 😁
If you have any other questions about this, please ask on here and we will continue to help. 

Otherwise, I hope you have a lovely week ahead!