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Getting V6 box ordered through CS

I upgraded to a new package back in May that was meant to give me a 2nd V6 box replacing the Tivo we already had as our second box.

About a month later I called customer services asking what had happened to the V6 they placed an order for me.  I have since called back in monthly asking where it was and each time they have said its on the system but could not give me a date of when it would arrive.

I called in again today and the customer services agent stated that from the records they had tried 4 times to place the order for the V6 but had not worked so suggested that she put me through to "Technical" as apparently they may have more success in placing a V6 order for me.  She tried this twice but each time the call went dead so I have now called back in using the "Fault" route and on hold again waiting to speak to someone again.

Should it be this difficult?


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