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Direct Debit not setup due to technical error

I've been paying my bills online since I joined Virgin (stupid decision but there you go)

However I've been snowed under with things and I keep getting behind. Then I incur a £10 surcharge for a late payment. I don't dispute that.

However I was told if I set up a direct debit, they would take care of everything. So off I went talking to customer services or whoever, they took all my details, the date I wanted to pay and that was that.

Except it wasn't. Two months later, I started getting texts saying I was behind. When I called again to find out why they weren't taking payments, I was told due to a "technical error" they could not set up a direct debit.

WHAT? I have multiple: car life and house insurance, water, you name it - it exists as a direct debit.

As a gesture of good will (thanks for that) they cancelled the £10 surcharge and said they would definitely get it sorted.

Here we are, I am two payments behind, but this time NO TEXTS OR EMAILS, no notification that they had no money from me. Am I supposed to just wait till you cut me off?

Sort this out


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Forum Team
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Re: Direct Debit not setup due to technical error

Hi GW669,


Thank you for getting touch regarding your account trouble. It's really disappointing that this has happened in the first place, let alone that you've had repetition of the issue. I'd like to offer my sincerest apologies for any frustration or inconvenience caused by this situation.


I'd really like to take a look into this for you and ensure that your direct debit is fully reinstated. I should image that I'll also be able to remove any late fees incurred during this time. I'll send you a private message now to clear account security, please head to the purple envelope in the top right corner to respond.




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