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Needing to dial area code when I live in the area

Up to speed

This issue started today - when trying to call my friends across town (same area code) I'm having to dial the full code and number.  It's happening on two lines from Worthing to Rustington and Worthing Littlehampton and we all share the 01903 area code.


Up to speed

I should add - this is a feature normal to mobile phones BUT I'm calling from my landline.

Hello Laurarara,

Thanks for your post.

Sorry to hear you are needing to dial the full area code plus number when calling your friend.

We are upgrading our Telephone Network from the traditional socket to a new fibre line through the Hub.

This is being done area by area, It may be the case now that you need to dial the full number, where as before it wasn't.

Are you still on the Traditional Socket for the landline?



Still on trad socket.  Not through hub.

Perhaps the people I am calling are through a hub?


Hello Laurarara.

That may well be the cause.

When you speak to them next, It might be worth asking.


OK - at least I know it's not a fault - thank you.

No worries at all Laurarara.

If you do have any more issues or need help.

Please pop back on here.