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Line Error

Joining in

Good afternoon, there has been a crackling on our land line for quite a while now but has now got to the point where it's really hard to have a full conversation.

Somebody did come a couple of years ago to change the wiring but advised that it may probably go again at some point and the front path may have to be dug up.

Have tried using different handsets/wired phones but are still having the same issue, could you please arrange for someone to come out and check?

Thanks in advance


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi there Stella71, thanks for posting on our help forum.

Sorry to hear of this issue with your landline and that's it's been getting worse recently, we're eager to assist with these service faults.
Could you please let us know if the landline connects through the hub or wall socket?
Also, do you have a dial tone and are able to make and receive calls but with poor sound quality or you get no dial tone at all?
How many devices do you have in use and is the issue present on all of them?
Are there any issues affecting this service in your area on our page here?

Let us know and we can help more based on your feedback, cheers.

Forum Team

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Hello Adri and thanks for the quick reply.

Connect via wall socket, two hand held devices and both have the same issue, also tried with a wired phone.

Calls connect with no issues it's just the line quality that is the problem.  From your link : We can’t find any faults with your connection, so the next step is to check the Hub.

Thanks again

Thanks for checking this and for confirming this info, Stella71.

Sorry to see the issue is not detected on our page online, in order to assist you further I will send you a private message here shortly.
Please check the top-right corner of our forum and you should see a purple envelope. Click this and you'll see my message.

Forum Team

New around here? Check out the do's and don'ts, in our Community FAQs