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Disconnected Phone Socket

I need some help with my home phone sockets - I have one in the living room and one upstairs. They were installed when Telewest first connected the house some 22 years ago with CATV, Cable Broadband and Landline. At that time I was working for Telewest and did so for 14 years.

Some time ago, talking a couple of years, we had an engineer visit and during that visit he disconnected the upstairs extension. Unfortunately I wasn't there to question this action, but we now really need the upstairs extension connected again.

We don't want to use "handsfree" or cable less handsets and we don't want to use phones connected to the Hub, so making that upstairs socket live again is really what we would like.

Any advice? Could I DIY this without a) loss of service altogether or b) fear of electrocution

How much is an engineer going to cost, considering I didn't ask for the extension to be deactivated and my customer history?

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Re: Disconnected Phone Socket

Hi simonw532,

Thank you for your post and welcome to the community. 

So, with regards to your query. You wouldn't be able to DIY this as we would need to work on the cables. 

We can certainly look at getting an engineer out to sort this out. 

There is a £25 charge for this though. 

If you're happy with that I can private message you to get this arranged?


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