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Connect landline to hub configured as router

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I have my Virgin Media hub configured as a router because we are using a different WiFi hub. When the change comes to discontinuing the landline phone, will I be able to connect my landline phone to the hub?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello awhayward.

Thank you for joining our Community.

Good news. If you have the Hub in Modem mode and use a 3rd party router, The telephone ports will still be active to use for our new fibre line.

That way you can keep your existing home setup as it currently is.

Do you have an exact date the for the switch over yet?


Gareth, thanks for your quick reply. I have an email stating on the 23rd May I need to plug the adapter into my router

Hi awhayward,

Thanks for letting us know. 

You should be absolutely fine there - if you haven't already, you should receive your telephone adapter closer to the time of the switchover.

Let us know if you need to know anything else.