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Call forwarding

Tuning in


We have just gone over to the new digital service,I tried to divert my home phone to my mobile number using ×70 my number then # but this did not work , is there a new way to do this ? 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi there @lang611


Thank you so much for your first post to our community forums and welcome to the team! It's great to have you here! 


I'm so sorry to hear you are facing this issue with call divert! 


Can I ask exactly what happens when you try to set it up?


Thank you. 

I press *70 then after 3 numbers from my mobile I get a continuous tone 

I also need help with this ASAP. 

I followed the instructions. *21*, When I try to enter my diverted phone number, the line goes dead.

Hi @Iang611,


Thanks for coming back to us with further information. You have mentioned that you've recently been moved over to the 21CV/VOIP phone line, which would change your feature codes. Can you please try to dial the following to activate the feature: *21*[Diverted # incl. STD code]*

You should then hear a confirmation tone, which means the Call Divert has been set up successfully. @garywarnoc, I'm sorry to hear you're facing problems when activating the service, I've taken a look at things on our end and it looks like the feature is already active. 

Can you please try to disable the feature and re-enable it with the number you wish to use? You can disable this by dialling #21# and you will hear a confirmation tone. You will then just need to re-dial: *21*[Diverted # incl. STD code]*


Reece - Forum Team

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 I tried that now it works fine  thanks for the help.

Great to hear all sorted Iang611

Is there anything further we can assist with today?


Forum Team

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Tuning in

I also want to use call forwarding, but when I called 150 for help, I was told it wasn’t possible on my phone? 
I don’t understand why not? 

Hi Hijfc, thanks for reaching out on our help forums and sorry to hear of the issue with the call divert feature, based on what our team has advised.

Please, can you confirm what handset you're using currently and if you're in an area where the feature is not available, perhaps?

(to check this, dial 1765 from your Virgin Media home phone and we’ll tell you which colour area you’re in - if it's red the call divert is not available there)

Regarding call divert, you can find all steps on our features guide here (page 10).
Are you able to activate the call divert if you try the steps there or is there an error coming up?

Share more and we're happy to assist you.

Forum Team

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Hi , we are in a Blue area.

the handset is a Panasonic cordless