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Virgin Media Staff
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I thought the sim card was a scam and didn't bother with it, now I have found out its not a scam I have tried to swap it but my phone will not accept unlock code of 7890 as per letter.

My SIM is now locked. Please help.



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Hi Devildog i have the exact same issue, i put all codes in as requested and now asking for PUK code, so did that too but no joy, the phone is an unlocked S7 and has never been an issue until now. any joy from VM?

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Sorry EverybodyHertz,

Phone has been completely locked can't get a code from places I've tried, no joy from virgin. 

Had to get new phone, am leavingVirgin through this, they will not agree to responsibility. 

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Hi. Thats a shame. 

I found that when EE sent me the PUK it was 16 digits. The last 8 are the PUK. The first 8 are the sim network unlock. Not vm fault but I'd have liked to think they could be more helpful with technical knowledge than they were.