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using 4g router in nn1

hello since my internet has been so bad, and my landlord not want to pull his finger out to try get the solution sorted or switch ISP i am trying to use a 4g router and buy a sim only deal, i am currently using a no contract sim from smarty however both on my mobile through tethering and the 4g route i am getting 0.4mps down and 0.1mps up or the test doesnt finish and loses connection. is there anyone in a similar situation but there 4g router is working in my area? would like to know the network best so i can finally not have **bleep** internet like i have for the past 8 months 🙂

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Forum Team
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Re: using 4g router in nn1

Hi Poyzii,


Thanks for posting and sorry to hear you're having some issues with your connection.


We'd be unable to offer advice regarding your 4G as you're using third party equipment.


In regards to your home connection however, is it a wireless connection you would use, or would you connection using an Ethernet cable?



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