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Latency Issues

Hi, my family and I have been having issues recently regarding latency, there are constant spikes that last for a few seconds then drop back down but those few seconds result in you losing connection to any games or calls we are in. 

We are on the new Hub 4 and the speeds are still fantastic but the only issue is the constant random latency spikes making any game unplayable most the time. We think the problem stemmed from when we had to shut down the power in the house to do some work because it hasn't been right since then, however we have reset it, factory reset it and done everything we have found online to try and fix it but nothing seems to work. 

Most of us use ethernet connection however the spikes also affect WiFi too.

It seems to affect certain games more than others such as CoD Cold War, CoD Warzone, Fifa, Overwatch etc.

I'm no internet guru so hopefully this provides enough information to be able to help with, thanks.

This BQM shows what happened during the night, keep in mind the spikes are a lot more frequent during the day:
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