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High ping only when gaming



So I’ve been having this issue for around a week now, my neighbours (also with Virgin) have the same issue across multiple consoles and PC’s. However, two doors down (they have Sky internet) they have no issue. 


Just to describe the issue in more detail; 

- High ping in games such as Fortnite, League of legends and Counter strike on both console and PC

- Ping shows fine levels when speed tested (this is due to the fact it selects the best server possible which isn’t the case in games) please don’t suggest this as a fix like they do on Twitter.

- Ping can range from 9-1200 so sometimes it connects perfectly, other times it’s awful. This can be game-to-game a difference of over 1,000 ping. 

- If you look on twitter at virgin media’s mentions I’m not the only person with this issue in the south of England in fact it’s becoming a massive issue which isn’t being addressed by VM at all.

- The games in which it struggles the most seems to be Fortnite, which use Amazon web servers to connect to. If you use you can see the same fluctuation in ping.

- Connecting to other regions is unaffected.

- All of these factors lead me to believe virgin media have an issue somewhere along the line that started around Sunday of last week. 

- Things attempted to resolve; port forwarding, router reset, modem mode, different router, uninstall and reinstall of different games, reset of devices, attempting to use different (working) device on VM internet, wired and wireless connection, changing of IP address’ and the list goes on... 

I hope someone can help resolve this issue as it’s a community wide issue that I’m voicing to you. I have checked the fault checker before that gets mentioned and there apparently aren’t any faults. Also calling the service team doesn’t work as they have no technical knowledge at all apparently and seem to think it’s acceptable to say “your result is fine you are lying your ping is fine”.


getting very frustrated and may have to reconsider my broadband supplier if this issue isn’t resolved promptly. As I mentioned before I’m speaking on behalf of around 15/20 disgruntled customers and even more in VM’s mentions on twitter.





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Re: High ping only when gaming

I have exactly the same problem as you mate, i rang them today and refused it was there fault, even though there are thousands of complaints online. going to ring tomorrow again to either cancel or make sure it fixed. please tell me if you ever got a fix. 

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Re: High ping only when gaming

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