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Fast speed but poor Latency, PLEASE HELP!

I have recently spent £1000 to upgrade my pc so I can play all the new latest titles and I cant even play with my friends after work as the latency is absolutely awful, and its not just in one game, its in all of them, CSGO, Valorant, Warzone you name it, and im a bit **bleep** off as I only signed up with virgin the other week and the speed is 10/10 cant fault it, but the quality of the connection however is not ideal for gaming, only for browsing and streaming. I have tried everything, restarting, factory restarting, checking for driver updates for my internet drivers, I have even port forwarded, and no luck, and my friend who doesn't live far is on the 250 packages whereas im on the 350 and his connection is flawless, and somehow mine isnt! please if you have had the same thing happen to you and youve managed to fix it, please tell me what you did.

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