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using spamcop to deal with spam

hi all

I am seemingly receiving more and more spam from various sources which is increasingly frustrating.

I searched VM website and spamcop was recommended which I attempted to deploy but struggling. Seems quite technical and I need soome help !

First challlenge was to provide ALL EMAIL HEADERS but even checking spamcop help did not provide me with the email client type for VM (I actually have an email address)

I am conscious that misconfguring spamcop could probably cause me more issues than I am trying to resolve.

Can anyone help? I have gone through the initial spamcop setup (eg got a user id and its sent me a few emails as part of the config process) but now stuck, so dont know if I am already in a tight spot !!

Appreciate any help asap


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Re: using spamcop to deal with spam

The first thing you need to do once you've created an account and logged in is go to the mailhosts tab in order to register the mail hosts for your email provider.  Click Add new hosts and then enter your email address and a friendly name for the email provider.

The next page will show you the MX records for the domain.  Virgin Media only uses one MX record so just click proceed.

You;ll be sent an email, follow the steps in the email.


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