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ntlworld email

I had an ntlworld email address that is linked to some facebook accounts etc - that need to send me a link to that email address but how do I access the emails?  I haven't use the ntlworld email for a long time?  Thanks, John 

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Re: ntlworld email

You probably can't. Let me explain.

If that ntlworld address was linked to your current VM braodband account and hasn't been used for 150 days consecutively then VM will have closed and deleted it. Unused accounts clog up the system and require the use of expensive storage space.

If you are no longer a VM broadband customer then VM will not help you gain access to a former account because you have no entitlement to use their e-mail service.  

Talk to Facebook about using an alternative address for the notification. I believe they have a system for this.

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Re: ntlworld email

That depends - haven't USED, or haven't PAID FOR?  If you are still a customer of VM broadband, you may be able to get access.  Sign in at my virgin media and see what you can see in My Account/My Profile.  If you have forgotten the password, use that option, and be aware that you may need to answer the security questions in ALL CAPITALS.

If you are not a current customer, the account was probably closed 90 days after you left, although this sometimes fails to complete and the address is left as an orphan.  Check the address on which will give you a clue.  If it indicates it is active, try accessing using an email client such as Outlook or Thunderbird.

The Forum Team (VM employees) cannot help former customers except to close the account completely.

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Re: ntlworld email

Hi jlindsey73,

So sorry about this but, even if you have an active VM broadband account, if you haven't accessed your email address within a 90 day period then it will have been deleted. The emails contained will no longer exist. 

You'll need to contact FB for help with this.

There is some information on the FB help pages:

Hope you manage to sort this out.


Forum Team

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