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Hello, I have changed PC and want to set up Outlook to download and maintain my emails (as I did on my old PC). I have seen 2 IMAP server name suggestions for Incoming mail - and I tried both without successful (but that could be because of a password issue). Will either work or should I choose one of the other?  GMail on my phone is setup to uses (with port 993).

Outlook and GMail have built in authentication to access my mail so I never need to supply a password. I thought I knew my email password but when I supply it as part of the Outlook IMAP configuration I get and error saying it could not login to incoming IMAP server.

I have occasionally successfully used a web browser to pick up the 'email' link on a Virgin Media page but I can't find the relevant page (can someone give me the link?)  I did find a 'Sign In' link to mail on another Virgin web page (after logging in to My Account?) but failed to login (so probably password issue, although I was fairly sure I knew it).  Having failed to login a few times would my email access be 'locked'? - although GMail is continuing to show new mail coming in.  I presumably could find a reset password option even though it would mean changing GMail.

Obviously, I can't see my password as setup in GMail and my old PC with Outlook setup no longer works.

Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks for your time.




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Hi, I have made progress.  Thanks for anyone that looked.

Hey @GWa, thanks for the update!

I'm happy to hear that progress has been made 🙂
As always - reach out to us if you ever need anything.

Kind regards,

Forum Team

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