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WebMail not working

Tuning in

Why am I forever getting the message:

Oops, looks like something's gone wrong on our side.
Please try again
Try again

On our wavelength

Am also receiving this message, but my broadband is working absolutely fine.  It just seems to be the email part of the website again.  Had the same issue a few weeks ago.  Hopefully, will be sorted out soon as need to access my email to find a time for an appointment tomorrow morning.  Also cannot access the Service Status part of the website either - getting Error 404 Page Not Found, which is ridiculous.

Like you all aspects of the Broadband are working fine except for issues with Emails.  I still haven't been contacted by Virgin Media since my Windows Live Mail stopped receiving and sending emails after Friday 26th August 2022 giving an Error ID: 0x800CCC0F.

Many apologies for the issues faced dHarryp,

Welcome back to the community.

Can I ask regarding this, what browsers are you using?



Sure; it's Google Chrome Vn 105.0.5192.102

Thanks for getting back to us,

Are other browsers showing the same errors at all?

Let us know,


Hi Kain,

I don't know, however it's not as if I'm using an obscure browser, I'm using the most popular and most the used browser.

We do appreciate that dHarryp. But we would ask if you can try other browsers?