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Unable to log into to ntl email

Joining in

It was fine till yesterday then it asked for my password. I have not changed it recently so shouldn't have been needed. I then went to my virgin media and had to change that password too. I followed links to try to change email password but can't do it. It says mail account unavailable. Then says how to unlock account. I did step 1 and reset my virgin media pw. But step 2 says  go to my virgin media and account settings and account details. That's OK. But then it says go to manage your virgin media mail app password.  I can't see that bit to click on.  Its worrying not being able to see my emails so I hope you can help.  Thanks


Forum Team
Forum Team

Thanks for coming back to us @Christine211, and a very warm welcome to our Community Forums!

Sorry to hear of the issues you've been experiencing with the E-Mail account.

Can you please try retracing the steps you've taken with the cache on the browser you're using being cleared, or an alternative browser being used?



Hi I cleared cache and tried different browser but still not working.  All devices stopped emails at same time.  It says there was a problem signing into your account. Enter your password. It did not accept my password and I know I had not changed it. So I logged onto vm and it says your virgin media mail account is currently unavailable. It gives steps to unlock it. I did step 1ok. Step 2 says go to account settings then account details. Then it says' tap manage next to your virgin media mail app password under virgin media mail'. I can't do this as I can't see anywhere saying this. If I go on virgin media mail it takes me back to the same page and information.  Thanks for your help I hope we can sort it. I did ring vm and she said she would escalate but I haven't heard anything although she said it could take 5 days

Thank you for that update Christine211. If the agent has raised this to our IT team they will be investigating this. 

At this point we can only advise to wait for that.