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Re: Password reset - different name (Investigating)

@jem101 wrote:


Or maybe not, nothing bad has happened it was just a serious of coincidences and/or a bad update to the email systems - we can absolutely promise that not customer data has been taken. And I'm sure that if this is the case then VM will be making a statement to that effect really shortly, no? 


Even if customer data has been compromised (and I'm not suggesting for a moment it has), it's likely that the extent of any potential, hypothetical, data breach will be downplayed.

Anybody else remember this from March 2020?
[ The link from Turgensec noted in the above article is no longer available directly but can be read here: ]


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Re: Password reset - different name (Investigating)

I've received a letter this morning on this issue, from an "Executive Resolution Specialist", dated 24th November. They write at the request of the "Data Protection Office."

It contains no more information than the C&P responses from the mod team in this thread really; no reference to how/why it occured, whether my data was compromised. Just "It happened, we investigated. Soz".

It also says they've locked my account as a precaution, but that happened a while before the date on the letter.

So, still none the wiser


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