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Moving from NTL to Gmail - Help


Could someone please help me?

I'm helping an elderly friend of mine who has just decided to move away from virgin media. Unfortunately, he got some bad advice; he was told that he would be able to take his email addresses with him. This is not true.

So, he has now moved away from VM and has set up new email addresses with gmail; apparently he has 90 days before his accounts are closed. I think he has 50 days left.

He has 3 ntlworld accounts. 1 is a main account with 2.5k emails in the inbox and several folders on the server. The other 2 are seldom used and just have a hundred or so emails in the inbox.

I've managed to deal with the other 2 accounts by just using drag and drop into their respective new inboxes, but the main one is much larger, plus it has a bunch of server folders.

I notice that the ntl/vm email uses what likes like the gmail system. Can I login to his ntl email via the gmail system? Would that help?

In short, what is the best way to move his main inbox and folders to his new gmail account?

Edit: what is the best way to let others know his new email addresses? Does vm offer mail forwarding with auto responses?

Note: he is a Mac user, using Apple Mail client, which I am very familiar with.

Thank you


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Re: Moving from NTL to Gmail - Help

Consider setting up the email address in Mail, exporting the folders, and then importing them back in; FYI Import or export mailboxes in Mail on Mac Check the resulting Import folder (held locally on the device) to confirm it is correct; the Import folder can be copied to a Gmail folder but be aware it may take some time to complete.

NB Export and Import are not destructive but do make sure to have backups in case the unexpected happens.

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