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Mailbox not available

Joining in

The mailbox on my main Virgin account is unavailable.  I hardly ever use it to be honest as I use my secondary Virgin account for all my emails.  However it was working a few months ago and I want to check if there are any emails I need to read. When I login to it via Webmail I get the message:


Your mailbox is not available at the moment.

Or you may not have an active mail account with us.

If you have an existing Virgin Media mailbox please try changing your password in the first instance as this may unlock the account following a security precaution taken by our email team.


I have reset the login password using the instructions they give (several times in fact) and it makes no difference even after waiting several hours.  I can login to my main Virgin Media account and check my account details and products etc, I just can't access the emails.  It may be related but I also wanted to change the contact number on it as it's incorrect but every time I try it gives the message: Sorry the changes you made were not saved, please try again.

Any ideas?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @pearmana 👋,

A warm welcome to our Community Forums and thanks for your post. It's great to have you here 😊

I am sorry you're having some issues accessing your mailbox. 

I would love to help further with this!

Will pop you a PM now to confirm some details and we can take it from there. 

Speak soon!

Forum Team

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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi All 👋 just returning to this public thread to keep things updated! I picked this up from my colleague Ayisha whilst they are away from the office. 

I was able to offer advice and support with the mailbox, the my VM registration information and updating some contact information. 
Everything is now all sorted! Thank you for your patience in the meantime whilst we offered help with this. 
Please do let us know if there is anything else you need! All the best. 🌞