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Emails from mailing list not arriving

Joining in


I have just noticed that I am no longer receiving emails from

I have checked that I have opted in to receive them, they are not going into Spam and Spotlight are not receiving any bounceback messages.

Can anyone help?



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello Jan2010

Thanks for posting and welcome to the community.

Is this the only company you're not receiving emails from? Are they sending you emails with attachments? If so, can you ask them to try without?


Forum Team

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Thanks for the reply

The emails don't have attachments,  they would have links to their website instead.

As far as I know it's the only one I am not getting emails from!

Thanks for getting back to us Jan2010. 

Are you able to check in with the owners of the email address to ensure they have the correct contact details for you?



Yes, they have the correct email, and I am signed up for the mailings.

I have checked my account before raising the query. 

Thank you @Jan2010


Are you able to ask the owners of the address if they get any bounced back message at all when they send an email?


Thanks again. 

They are not getting any boince back messages.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Jan,

Thank you for confirming the above, is the Email you are using one of ours?



It's a email