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Email problems

My wife's email stopped working back on the 26th August. It still isn't working!

Numerous calls and messages to VM, no further forward. latest Info escalating to I.T. support? My webmail also is affected. I can't accsses? I did have 3 email addresses set up under my profile, mine the wife's and son. Mine is still working albeit no webmail. The Sons is working but the wife's is not. Anyone any ideas?  Thanks

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Re: Email problems

@Brewerjohn wrote:

Anyone any ideas? 

Not really because you've given us so little information to work on.Smiley Sad

"email stopped working" So does that mean you are unable to send emails? Unable to receive? Unable to send or receive?

"My webmail also is affected" that hints that you are managing your email via an email app perhaps on your  phone or an email client on a laptop or some other device. Can you clarify that? What software are you using?

Again, "stopped working" doesn't give us any idea of the actual problem that you are seeing when you try to send and receive emails on the app or software on your devices. The full and exact wording would at least give us something to work on.

You say that you "can't access webmail" but what does that mean? You cannot get to the webmail sign in page? You can sign in but it does not recognise your password? Again, we need the exact error message that you are seeing before we can offer any advice.

"I did have 3 email addresses set up under my profile" That's an intriguing statement. Does it mean that they were there but they have now disappeared? Again, we only know what you tell us.

There are several very experienced email users on this forum who may well be able to give you some ideas on how to resolve the problem, possibly without recourse to the VM support guys, but unfortunately, without more details it is impossible to offer any constructive ideas.Smiley Frustrated


Edited just to add one final question. It would be useful to know whether you are still a paying Virgin Media customer with a live broadband account or whether you left VM at some point. Of course the users on the forum will still help you whether you are a VM customer or not.Smiley Wink



I am just another Virgin Media customer.
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