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Email load issues for over a week, deliberately delayed fixes, and ignorant tech support staff offshore!

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For over a week now, I have been having issues accessing my emails that are on a address.  I filed a support ticket on Monday to get it fixed and I am still waiting!  To be forced to wait "5 working"days is Virgin's way of forcing me to wait a WHOLE WEEK!!!!!!!  Unacceptable!!!!

My issue is this:

I login to Virgin's website, and I check my emails, more often than not, it will be fine for a brief period of time, then it does that circle with arrows going around and around, to the point where it just times out, and I have to repeatedly reload the page to get it to work again!  Virgin's site is so unreliable, that on more than one occasion, I cant logon to it at all!

These issues happen on 2 completely different computers, with 2 completely different browsers (in my case Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, AND on my mobile phone using the Gmail app.  And I always seem to be referred to scammers like "Gadget Rescue" when the issue is on Virgins end, and not mine!  Why should I pay for a solution to a problem that is being caused by Virgin themselves?  Isn't this considered extortion and potentially blackmail?

Here is a general snyposis of my issue:

And then the number of calls I have had to make to actually speak to someone who understands a single word I am saying:

Can someone get this problem solved, as I am pulling my hair out and Virgin seem absolutely stuck on deliberately delaying a fix to this problem to the absolute last minute while I am trying to access my emails, often without success!

Is anyone else getting this problem?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Lasky, thanks for the message and welcome back to the forums. 

I am sorry to hear that you are having issues with the emails/ connection. 

Can you do a reboot of the hub as it has been running for 159 days. Please let us know if anything changes?

Kind regards Chris. 

On our wavelength

Sometimes I wonder if you actually read posts FULLY!!!

I stated:

@Lasky wrote:

These issues happen on 2 completely different computers, with 2 completely different browsers (in my case Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, AND on my mobile phone using the Gmail app.

I used my phone data (on EE) to attempt to load my emails, and you STILL blabber about this problem being caused by ME or some other invented excuse!!!!!  WAKE UP!!!!!

It does appear that the problem is now resolved itself and will post here if it starts again.  I did restart my hub anyway as instructed, but issue was not happening BEFORE I did so.  So it turns out that it was a problem caused by your systems, and not my hardware, where I get referred to scammers like "Gadget Rescue" who extort and I prefer to go as far as blackmail VM customers £99 or more for what would have been a simple fix that YOU COULD HAVE TOLD ME BEFORE I GOT SO FRUSTRATED!!!!!

I will not in any way have anything to do with them, because they are scammers, and Virgin Media should not, I REPEAT, NOT be doing business with them!


"VM" = Virgin Media

Hi Lasky, 

Thanks for coming back to us on this one and confirming things are resolved now. 

In terms of the checks we ask you to do, this is due to us noticing things so as your Hub was online for a long period of time, a reboot was the right course of action to take. We do always look at the bigger picture and have a number of steps to rule out certain things. 

In terms of Gadget Rescue - we're sorry you feel this way. This is a team within VM who are able to help with third party issues as whilst we do what we can from this end, sometimes it could be an issue with a third party app, software or your device in which case it would be unsupported by us. We offer Gadget Rescue as a way to combat that. You can view more about them, what they do, and the cost here

Either way, we're pleased things are sorted for now. 


Forum Team

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