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Email help

Just joined

My iPhone email icon keeps saying 

Cannot Send Mail

The username or password for

removed is incorrect.

i rang customer services who want to charge me 5.00 a month for a one off tech help.  Can anyone help please.  I don’t have laptop or anything else just my phone.  

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Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Are you able to sign into webmail using the same authentication credentials that are being currently rejected?

When  connected to another network are you able to send, i.e. mobile network, etc?

Does Spamhaus report your public IP Address as being listed. To check perform the following steps from the device connected to the network from which it cannot send:

  • browse to and note the Your IP address is value
  • go to
  • enter the Your IP address is value (from step 1) in the IP Address field and select Lookup
  • excluding the PBL, is it reported as listed elsewhere; do not post the results here without redacting your public IP address from text and underlying URLs?

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