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Cannot access NTLWORLD email

Joining in

I am getting this message when trying to access my main email. 

Your mailbox is not available at the moment.

Please retry again in one hour and make sure you are using the correct password to access your email from all of your devices

This is really annoying me now, as I have done what it told me to do with no avail.  I am not going to call, as you wait hours and get passed around too much.

Can someone help please?




Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Reb1972, welcome to the community! Thank you for posting. 

Sorry to hear of your issues when trying to access your email account. 

You can find lots of great help on our 'How to manage my email account' help page and our help page for what to do if your email address has been hacked. 

In the first instance when these kinds of issues arise, I would always recommend following the steps to secure your account in My Virgin media email has been hacked help page. This includes running an antivirus scan, resetting your password and checking for any forwarding settings. Once you have account access I'd also recommend updating your memorable word/phrase and memorable questions for extra security. 

If you also can please let us know the following, it will help us isolate and hopefully resolve the issue:

-Are you trying to access the email account via our webmail service, or via client mail?  (Eg Outlook, Apple mail)

-What kind of device were you using when you received this message? (Phone, tablet, laptop etc)

-Does this happen when trying to access the account on all devices? 

-Is the email address linked with an account with active VM services?

Let us know how you get on with the troubleshooting steps and the answer to the questions and we will offer further support!

All the best.