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Can not send emails

Can receive emails but can't send anything.  Incoming is  using  Outgoing is  I am prompted for the account password when trying to send. I input the correct one but it tells me it is isn't recognised.  Help

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Re: Can not send emails

Thank for joining in on the forum, we will try the best to get your issue resolved.

First I would suggest to following to find the error that you are getting on your email client :- Look here to get the error logs:-, if you do have an VM305 error then more than likely the spambot was asleep as spamhaus will automatically remove after 2 days of no spam activity, if error then follow :-

You can check your listing yourself but there is no point requesting removal until you have found and deleted the spambot. and type in your external IP you can gets this my typing "whats my ip" into google.

If you are running Hola VPN Free, then note But Hola Free VPN is anything but a VPN.

Regards Mike

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Re: Can not send emails

If you try sending email on a mobile phone (using mobile data), NOT connected to your WiFi ... does it send OK then? Also, can you send without problems if logged into Virgin's webmail rather than an email app/program?

If yes, and you're getting a VM305 error code.... then follow DJ_Shadow1966's advice, as something WiFi-enabled in your household will likely have a spambot on it 🙁 

ravenstar68's excellent guide to searching out spambot(s) on a network initially looks a bit foreboding - but if followed step-by-step, will find the blighter.

By the way .... when you check your public IP address on Spamhaus - you should be listed on the PBL blocklist. This is normal. However, you should not be listed on the SBL blocklist - that one identifies your address as one that's been sending out spam (e.g. - from a spambot).

Post back here and you'll be helped as necessary 👍

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Re: Can not send emails

Double check your settings:
Outgoing should be - yours say smpt, this of course may be typo but it’s worth checking.

SSL yes
Port 993

SSL yes
Port 465

Username is your full email address
Password is obvious.
Authentication should be set to ‘Password’