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poor service from Virgin Greedia

Well, it was the first time and the last time I will ever use Virgin Greedia..
1st Box failed , 2nd Box failed , the virgin guy who was sent to my house said to me they are all reconditioned and they are of poor quality, he gets it and wouldn't use them himself other than its cheap for him.
3rd box failed - called the company and they said they would replace the box and it would be worth looking at increasing the package to accommodate the changes in my family life .Yes, I said !!!!
2 months in and my life changed, and I had to move due to issues with the loss of work and covid , no problem just call virgin and move the services, but found out that they don't have virgin in my area .
No problem , please just cancel and I will find an alternative and return in the future .
To Cancel the services was a cost of £125.00 !!!! Why ?? You don't have services in the area I need to move and through no fault of my own through Covid and a loss of income you feel this is supporting the community and offering good customer service ??? I agreed a cancellation date of 3.5 weeks later and within 6 days I had an email saying my equipment will be collected. I called them and they said, " don't worry no one will visit " , Well they did 2 hours later but I refused to give the equipment as I still had 3 weeks remaining of my services . This guy said to me that it happens all the time and he even gets threatened.
Once I moved, I wrapped the equipment up and had it ready to post back until I got a message saying please confirm we can collect the equipment on the 6th of May . So, I confirmed and received a text back confirming collection.
The next day I got the same message asking to collect the equipment , so I confirmed again . The day after I got the message again saying they wanted to collect so I confirmed and each time I got a reply agreeing the collection date, this happened 6 times and the collection date was always the same !!! On the 3rd I got a message saying I hadn't returned my equipment and I would be charged £160 if I don't send it back !!!! I had to call Virgin again who said don't worry I can see its down for collection.
Well on the 6th the guy collected the equipment, and I received a confirmation email saying it had been returned. Then 2 days later I get an email saying I hadn't returned my equipment and I would be charged £160 !!!!
I called again to virgin media and the guy on the phone even agreed with me that it isn't moral that they take a fee or cancellation of contract charge when they don't cover the area .. He kept saying I hadn't returned my equipment despite me saying I had an email saying I had. After 47 minutes on the phone, he said "yes I Have found it now and can confirm you returned the equipment "...
Virgin media have caused me a lot of stress as I have spent countless hours on a phone trying to sort this .....
I transferred my services to another company who so far have given me superb customer service and have confirmed that if they don't have services in an area that i move to then they wouldn't charge any cancellation fees or exit of contract .
So due to the worst service ever and the fact I had to pay you £125 for moving to an area you don't cover then I will never use you again and I will make sure I tell anyone I meet my story to try and save them the misery of having to go through this pain themselves ..
Do you care .. No of course you don't
Goodbye Virgin Greedia


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