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Trespass and vandalised garden

Dear Richard Branson. Can you please explain why someone came onto my property and vandalised our front garden while we were out. We have not ordered your service and after this debacle never will. Having spent over an hour being passed around the only way to get any where was for my Daughter to ring and threaten to cancel her service. She too spent over an hour and spoke to 8 different people and departments. Wednesday morning 3 Kelly engineers turned up to connect us. My husband got them to speak to the Area Manager who confirmed to them we are not a customer and to remove the cable. So we are now left with a damaged front lawn. I am requesting compensation for the damage and trespass, time spent on all the phone calls made and the emotional distress. VM representative please respond asap thank you
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Re: Trespass and vandalised garden

PLEASE NOTE, Richard Branson has nothing to do with VM, it’s owned by Liberty Global, a US corporation. They license the name only. 

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Re: Trespass and vandalised garden

they certainly will not be paying you all of that unless the ombudsman rules in your favour and even then it will be down to the ombudsman to decide.

virgin complaints here

then ombudsman here

having worked for and against two different ombudsman and on a complaints team for 4 years, i can say it is important you document everything including photos. if it gets to that stage they like proof. hearsay/long letters rambling or demands for specific compo isn't liked. in both cases bullitt point things and state facts with a paragraph on how it has affected you.

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Re: Trespass and vandalised garden

Hi Vandals, 


Thanks for your post and welcome to the forums. 


I'm really sorry to hear we've done some work without your permission. 


Have you attempted to order Virgin Media Services at all? 


I'd like to look in to this further to see what's happened. I will need some information though. I have sent you a private message. Just click on the little plum envelope at the top right hand side of the page to access your inbox.



Forum Team

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