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How to look at getting a better deal

Joining in

I know there's a lot of posts about how to get the best deal but this isn't actually for me, it's for my 92 year old MIL.

I can't cancel and wait for retentions to come back to her as I need to be the one to talk to them.

For the record, she's got Mix TV, Talk More Anytime and M250 - she's paying £99.50 for that which is outrageous.


Dialled in

Is she in or out of contract atm? I agree sub £100 is a bit OTT for that package. Just had a look (yeah I know its for new customers) but that same ish package is either £13 or £39 depending on channels. Can you not just ring up to cancel while u are there? TBH for all of the faults with the Live Chat, I upgraded via this and it was ok

Knows their stuff

If your MIL is the account holder will they actually talk to you?

Have you or your wife got Power of Legal Attorney for her?

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