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order parked

It was great to chat with you today. As we discussed, we can't complete your order just yet. So, we've parked it for the moment until we've sorted things out.  
Keep your eyes peeled out for order confirmation when it comes through. Your order number is:


It as been a week come tomorrow since this e mail above for 2 phones, rang at least once every day only to be transfered cut of or messed about. I have been told i am definatally eligeble for an upgrade i have full virgin tv and bradband pavckage as well.


Also been told parked due to fraud as a card could not be verified. Was also told 1 order complete the other was to be complete by end of thursday, As of yesterday told e mail sent to back office awaiting reply but getting no luck at all.


This is getting past a joke any ideas please?

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Re: order parked

Hi hwb1,


Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting.


Sorry to hear about the delays you've experienced getting your upgraded phones. Appreciate this is a frustrating situation for you.


I'd like to get this looked into for you.


I will send you a private message (red envelope top left hand side) to gather some further details from you.


Speak soon

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