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Why can't I change my tariff


I'm a pay-as-you-go mobile customer and a few months ago set up a 1GB data bundle by texting BUYDATA to 789789. At the end of each month I get a message advising that I can cancel the bundle by taxting cancel to 789789. As I now don't need the bundle I did as requested and received the reply "OOps you don't have a bundle, so we can't cancel it for you. Your bundle is the 1GBDATA bundle"  Does this make any sense to anyone?


I've now tried more than 10 times over the last couple of months but get the same reply. I've also tried to change it via 'My Account' but keep getting the message "Oops, theres an error, please try again later", needless to say trying later and later and later gets the same response.


Now fed up and needing to complain I phoned the 150 number recommended by Virgin, using my Virgin phone. After about 10 minutes someone came on the line asked a few questions then said they would load my account - the waiting music came back on for another ten minutes then a different operator came on the. I had just started a conversation with her when she when silient and I could hear background chatter. I remained on the line for another 3 minutes then gave up. The call (to complain) cost me over £4 and I got nowhere.


I am now out of the UK until September and it looks like these data charges will continue. I'm sure I'll get reimbursed either via the obudsman or small claims court but can anyone advise a more immediate solution.


Otherwise I will be Leaving_Soon

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Re: Why can't I change my tariff

Hi Leaving_Soon,


Welcome to the communitySmiley Happy


Sorry to hear your having difficulties stopping a data bundle you no longer wish to use.


You will need to speak with our Mobile team on 789 from your Virgin Mobile to get this sorted. As you are out of the country at the moment you can call +447953967967 which will direct you to our mobile team also.


I noticed you mentioned the original call to 150 cost you £4 which is strange as calling 150 should be free from a virgin landline.


Let us know how you get on.


Many thanks



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