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Free speed upgrade. No one knows whats happening


Still waiting to go from 152 to the free upgrade to vivid 200. Keep calling up to find out about the new tivo and keep being quoted different prices as people think i need to upgrade my broadband 

(no its because ive been waiting so blooming long for my "free" speed upgrade that people on the helpline think i should be on it by now)

Im being told:

"Hold on tight. Your speed boost is on the way…

Your speed upgrade will be ready to take your connection from up to 152Mbps to up to 200Mbps. It's all thanks to DOCSIS® - the magic in our cables. Look out for it between December 2016 and December 2016

Discover more with broadband"

Since we're in january i decided to call up. No one seems to know or have any idea when this speed upgrade is happening.

I'd imagine its the same as the utilisation issue in my area too...

Can any moderators tell me am i getting a speed upgrade anytime soon and if so when? 

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