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Repeated Loss of Connection due to Hub 3 freezing up

Getting incredibly fed up of the constant repeated 'disconnects' with VM broadband.

Primary problem is that all traffic will cease to function for five to fifteen seconds, but the logs on the Hub 3 indicate no loss of actual connection.

I first diagnosed the Hub 3 being the problem by running a ping -t in a command window, and upon Diablo 3 dropping out due to a loss of connection, the pings to the Hub 3 changed from 2ms response time to no response timeout. The moment the pings resumed working, the connection worked again. Both the PCs are wired to a switch, which is then wired to the Hub 3.

We live in a fairly congested area in terms of wifi signal, so I changed both 2.4GHz and 5GHz to be fixed (channels 13 and 48, respectively) instead of automatic. I was guessing that the Hub 3 was struggling internally, so giving it one less thing to process might help.

Well, now the disconnects still occur, but the pings don't fail.

I've done a factory reset from the admin pages of the Hub 3, and then restored the saved settings, and although the Hub 3 now doesn't take ten seconds to load one of its internal pages, we're still getting these disconnects. Am totally at a loss on how to fix this.

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Re: Repeated Loss of Connection due to Hub 3 freezing up

Sorry to hear this Nazgutek,


I've checked over everything from this end and I can see that you've since spoken with the team regarding this.


I've double checked the equipment levels, etc., and I'm not able to detect any cause for concern at the moment.


Let me know if you continue to experience any trouble,



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