Community Trialists Wanted!

by Moderator 4 weeks ago


We're looking for community members to register their interest in future trials.

If you're interested in getting your hands on the latest tech, first, we want to hear from you.

Please complete the survey below (or click here from Mobile Devices)

Oh, and if you've already completed it in the last year, you don't need to do it again.

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by prt32
3 weeks ago

all done

by JitteryPinger
3 weeks ago

I've registered, however I've since added TV (TiVo & V6) nd Home Phone

by GMAN73
3 weeks ago
i have signed up, i hope this is VM finally seeing the light on how garbage the SH3 is and are planning to replace it with something better i hope.
by wyre
3 weeks ago

have registered   but done it again as i missed something

by JohnnyL
3 weeks ago

Re-registered in order to include updated devices on my home network.

by zombiesfeelpain
3 weeks ago

Registered, curious to see what it is. Smiley Very Happy 

by Corinneangela
3 weeks ago


by Strickland
3 weeks ago

Good idea.

by jonathanpye
3 weeks ago

Done also ... would love to see UHD channels not just streaming..

by Bingstroller
2 weeks ago


always interested to see what's in the mix and coming next, and playing with gadgets/technology.

Or is that just hopeful and nosey :-)

by SirThomas
2 weeks ago

I've applied. Certainly worth a try - It's always nice to try new things.... Smiley Happy

by Bestie
2 weeks ago

Done. Lets see what VM can create next.

by mpellatt
2 weeks ago

Done. I note there were no options for what I might be interested in in "home phone".
The lack of CLID display on my line means I do not publish the number, and rely solely on VoIP. Shame I couldn't list that as something I'd be interested in given it being, what, 2+ decades after its generall availability from a well-known British Telecommunications supplier. And bundled availability from all VoIP providers.....

by foddersin
2 weeks ago

Signed for all but Mobile.

by CraigAlexander
2 weeks ago

Hi all, 

I've completed the survey... however, I am curious whether any one has been selected for any trials and what that involved (other thab trialing the product Smiley Embarassed ) in terms of reporting back to Virgin etc. ? 



by soul1
2 weeks ago

All done, but changed my preferences this time Smiley Very Happy

by pfh1959
2 weeks ago

would love to Trail 4k Tv please Virgin Media

by Bluefusion
a week ago

I'm in!

by echelom
a week ago

Done x 2.... now wating for my 8k TV and 2Gb modem! Smiley LOL

by adamelphick
a week ago

This all looks very interesting.  Just upgraded to a V6 box and kept both my Tivos too (one being used as an upgrade for an old V+).  I've been with cable since the days of Cable & Wireless and have seen things progress over the years.  Hopefully Virgin can jump ahead of Sky by adding more cool features (like in the US) for the V6 boxes.

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