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Wireless and Packet loss issues


I currently have a Superhub

HW version 3.11

Software Version V1.01.31

I have been experiencing Wireless issues for some time where the 2.4ghz will stop authenticating new devices (SSID still transmitting and working for other devices) and have particular issues all the time authenticating my Wife's Firehd tablet.  These all require a reboot of the Hub to fix it.

In addition to that in the past month + I have been experiencing large amounts of packet loss at random intervals across the whole network and the only fix has been disconnecting the LAN cable from the Superhub and reconnecting the cable.  I replaced in turn every LAN cable and the switch itself but the issue was still occurring.

I have done a factory reset on the Superhub and set it up again with no effect

Is there anything else I can do to test?

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Re: Wireless and Packet loss issues

Hi jamesy_uk, 

Thanks for getting in touch to let us know about your issues with wireless and packet loss, I apologise for any inconvenience caused.

I have tested the connection from here and I can see that your area cable seems to be suffering some load issues, especially during the peak hours. We're planning to undertake some upgrades to parts of our external network in your area in order to combat this.

The upgrades will be to improve bandwidth and performance during the peak hours, the reference number for this is F005034018 and is currently scheduled for review around the end of September.

Thanks for your patience regarding this matter, one of my colleagues will be along with some more information for you. I will need to pass this onto them so they can have a look for you, before I can do that I will need to clear a few security questions with you as our process for doing so demands.

I will send you a PM (purple envelope at the top) detailing what's required to proceed, please respond to me there and I'll get this sorted for you.

Take care, 



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