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Wrong system/website details after number porting.

I subscribed to a SIM only deal with Virgin Mobile a couple of weeks ago and last week asked that my old EE number be ported to Virgin.


The port happened last Thursday. Now, when I make calls, they are sent from the ported number and I receive calls to the ported number BUT


The My Virgin Mobile website details are still still showing the old number (a week later) and I can't check my remaining minutes or data and if I call 789 to find the info, I'm greeted with a message that talks about technical issues - call back later.


I've spoken several times to Customer Services about this. When I call them the can't bring up my info by using the ported number, only when I give the original Virgin number. They seem to be at a loss to know why I'm receiving and sending on the ported number when their system isn't updated. Several times they've called the porting team who seem to be 'unable to deal with it right now' and, it seems the only way that CS can communicate with the technical team is via email.


I had hoped that my transition and number port from EE to Virgin would be smooth but I'm getting increasingly frustrated.


What can be done?

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Re: Wrong system/website details after number porting.

Hi shuff,


Sorry to hear your having these difficulties with your online account since porting your number.


Strange that the site has not updated for you.


I have sent you a private message (red envelop top left hand side) for some information so I can look into this for you


Speak soon.


Many thanks.






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