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Leaving - but don't want to leave

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First off I have to say I love VM services and have been on a brilliant 12 months deal which expires next month.  I have full house cinema, 100 Mbps broadband, 2 TiVo's and unlimited calls for an amazing £64 per month. 

Called retentions to renegotiate and got a guy who wasn't interested in discussing options which was surprising.  Phoned again said how much if I remove sky cinema and keep everything else the same but it was going to cost £80, so sadly leaving and taking cheaper services.  If they had offered to replace one TiVo with a new V6 and given me the same package at £64 - £70 albeit without sky cinema I would have stayed.  

Going to miss being a customer with VM but hopefully one day I can return as a customer. 😀

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Re: Leaving - but don't want to leave

Its almost as if you had a heavily discounted introductory offer. AT the expense of the rest of us.

For the record, it will be the same at your next supplier as they all seem a bit thick....



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