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samsung galaxy S4 keeps switching off

Ive had my samsung galaxy since the start of August. This last week it keeps switching itself off and im having to connect it to mains charger and switch it back on, sometimes this works first time other times it can take several attempts to come back on. When it does finally kick back into life it comes up telling me the battery is critically low, Now this has happened so many times now that I have been monitoring my battery. Today I had 78% battery life when I went on to google just as I was about to search my phones goes off.

Ive looked on other forums and some say that there are some samsung galaxys that have faulty batteries, they can swell up which not only damages the battery but the phone also. Can you tell me if any of this is true or what I can do to combat my problem. My software is all up to date, I have done a system restart so everything went back to manufactories settings, it hasnt been damaged in anyway, I charge it of an evening so it hasnt been left on charge over night.

This is getting to be a serious problem for me and I must say I am dissappointed considering the phone is only 2 2 1/2 months old.

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Re: samsung galaxy S4 keeps switching off

Despite the usual moderator advice here, doing a factory reset isn't the answer in most situations. A better first step for any Galaxy phone which starts acting oddly is to switch the phone off, remove the battery and leave it out for 20 minutes before putting it back in and restarting. This clears any residual memory and will resolve a host of problems without the disruption of having to set your phone up from scratch again. It won't help if your battery is faulty, but it's worth trying first.

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Re: samsung galaxy S4 keeps switching off

Hi Constable21,
Let's get this sorted for you Smiley Happy
Firstly i would check if the handset is running the latest software? To check, click the More tab > About > Update. The software the handset should have is I9505XXUBMGA.
If the phone is up to date, check if your phone is not using a task killer, if your handset is not using a task killer, i would advise backing up your phone on Samsung Kies and factory resetting it. To do this go on Settings > Accounts > Back up and Reset > Factory Data Reset > Reset Phone > Erase everything.
This should resolve the problem, from here, you can use Phone Fix or give our technical team on 789 (any Virgin Mobile Phone) or 150 (Virgin Land line) or 0845 6000 789 (from any other Landline) open between 8am-8pm Mon-Sun so we can look in to this further for you.
Hope this helps,

Rita B
Help & Support Forum Team

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