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Samsung smart TV disconnecting from Wifi from super hub

Hi. I've just had virgin media broadband installed on Thursday. I can connect wirelessly fine with iPad, iPhone and windows laptop and by Ethernet to a media streamer but my Samsung Smart TV keeps dropping the wifi connection. It connects fine then after playing a YouTube video or Lovefilm for about 2 or 3 minutes it says for example 'the connection to the YouTube server has been lost, please try again later'. Sometimes it then reconnects fine but others I have to go through the whole connecting to the wireless network with password etc all over again. This is very time consuming and extremely annoying for my 4 year old! Oddly, the reason we swapped to virgin was because our overall connection speed was only 0.4 with BT but the samsung tv always streamed YouTube etc fine with no problems. Now we can't do what we could before and there shouldn't be a reason as it all connects fine just keeps disconnecting?? Hoping someone can help, please! Thanks.
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