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Login access to Super Hub

Hello, I Cant access my Super Hub, as it wont recognise the standard Username and Password (and I havent changed anything...).


Any ideas please? Im looking at changing channels, etc as the Super Hub is proving anything but...

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Re: Login access to Super Hub

The default user is admin and default password is changeme. If the hub is not accepting it you can reset to the default values by inserting a paperclip or something similar in the pinhole at the back of the hub.(hold for 10sec). Turn off hub for 60sec and reboot. I would definately change the password as it looks like someone has remotely logged into your hub and changed the password.

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Re: Login access to Super Hub

Hi mattwaring,


Did the advice given by Griffin solve the issue? Are you able to access the configuration pages now?



Paul McD

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Re: Cant Login access to Super Hub

I have the same problem, the very latest superhub installed this week but it wont accept admin/changeme even after a reset ? Any ideas?

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Re: Cant Login access to Super Hub

HI salem


If the advise given in the above post has not worked you may want to give us a call in but I would also take a look at the browser you are using they can sometimes be the problem.

Michael Bradley
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