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Failed SW Upgrade on Superhub 2

Can anyone explain why my superhub 2 keeps getting an incompatible SW file ?


Date Time Error Number Error Description

18/08/2013 09:25:43 GMT 68010302 DHCP WAN IP -

18/08/2013 09:25:38 GMT 69010700 SW upgrade Failed after download - Incompatible SW file

18/08/2013 09:24:37 GMT 69010200 SW Download INIT - Via Config file

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Re: Failed SW Upgrade on Superhub 2

I've been told this is because they push out updates globally, and not specific to the hub. This specific error refers to the SH2 trying to update using one meant for the SH1, apparently.


I get this a lot (usually preceding the need to reboot within an hour) and was told that they're rolling out an update for the SH2 and everyone will have it by the 30th.


Frankly, I wish I'd stuck with my SH1 and Linksys router (for WiFi) :

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Re: Failed SW Upgrade on Superhub 2

Hi PcPaul


This is nothing to Worry about. Don't Worry. Next time a Firmware is Pushed to your SH2 you will Notice this will go.

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