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Hi, have had the above error message for the last 2 days. Is this a known issue? 

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Re: C130

Assuming you've already used the search and found nothing, why not ring it in and find out?

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Re: C130

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Over on the US forums they are talking about this error. I haven't looked into it a great deal but I think it relates to problems with the LAN ethernet connectivity between TiVo units (remember in the US they are not hobbled so can stream programmes and set recording on other TiVo's from another one).


Have you got two TiVo's connected together or one connected to your local LAN? Have you tried a reboot?


I believe its been introduced in the latest software (v20.3.5 or pre-v20.3.5) and looking at the posts it seems they have not fixed it yet in the latest US release (v20.3.8).

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